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YoWhatsapp APK v6.38 [Dual Whatsapp]



Another WhatsApp Mod with Super Fast Speed and No Lag, All in just 25mb. Enjoy All the features of Privacy and Themeing.

  • [Base Update] 2.16.230
  • [Unlocked] All hidden features: GIF sharing, Group invite, Doodle, Video calls, MultiCast, etc..
  • [Exclusive] Seperate Tab for GIF in Gallery Attachment
  • [Added] New Dribble and Dribble V2 Entry
  • [Added] Option 2.13.2 Change Mic/Send circle color
  • [Added] Hide/Freeze Last Seen from FAB
  • [Added] 77+ Ticks style
  • [Fix] Hide 2nd Tick Delay
  • [Fix] Blue Ticks Delay
  • [Fix] Main Screen Attachment/Mute Icons colors
  • [Fix] Videos Sending Problem
  • [Fix] Statusbar color change to Teal
  • [Fix] Many bug fixes
  • Explore the rest your self

Instagram+ APK v10.7.0 build 48891034 [Mod Instagram]


  • Follow indicator (You’ll see if someone is following you)
  • You can view profile pictures (Long click)
  • You can enlarge pictures (Long click)
  • Download feature
  • Auto start videos with sound
  • Direct share URL
  • And more features are coming soon
Whats New ?
  • Updated the base
  • Bug Fixes
  • Support downloading from Stroris

BBM Min Blue v3.2.5.12


Fitur :
  • Block Read Message
  • Main tab button
  • Full DP
  • Ads Remove
Modder :
  • Bayu Parwata

BBM MI-Grey V1.0 based v3.2.5.12


Fitur :
  • Block Read Message
  • Main tab button
  • Full DP
  • Ads Remove
Modder :
  • Hammi

BBM Mi-Cloud v3.2.5.12


Fitur :
  • Full Display Pic
  • Block Read
  • Bom Ping/Autotext
  • Ads Removed
  • Top/bottom Maintab
  • Running PM
Modder :
  • Azhar Rivaldi

BBM Like iOS - Based v.


Fitur :
  • Full Display Picture.
  • Block Read Status.
  • Auto Text.
  • Running PM
  • Ads Remove.
Modder :
  • Ryan Chou

Standart Version : Download

Leak Version : Download

Change Buble History and Emoticon iOS : Download

BBM White Black - Based v2.13.1.14


  • Clone & Unclone
  • Full Display Picture
  • Block "R" Status
  • Post Image to FB
  • Shake to Clear RAM
  • Hide Floating Button
  • Lock Mode
  • Autotext
  • NO Ads
  • More...
Modder :
  • MaSka


                  NFC Tools Pro Edition APK v3.24


                  Approach a tag and the application will display the available information, such as:
                  • The manufacturer of the tag (eg NXP, Nokia, IBM)
                  • The type of tag (eg: MIFARE Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESFire, NTAG203)
                  • The standard (eg: NFC Forum Type 2)
                  • The available technology (Android class)
                  • Serial number (eg: 04:85: c8: 5a: 40:2 b: 80)
                  • The size of the tag and data
                  • If writing is possible and if the tag can be configure read-only
                  • All records present on the tag format NDEF
                  You can also write data on your NFC tags such as :
                  • Save a text
                  • Register a link
                  • Post a link to an application
                  • Save a mail
                  • Save a contact
                  • Save a phone number
                  • Save sms
                  • Save GPS location
                  • Save address
                  • Configure bluetooth connection
                  • Save custom data
                  And you can set this following tasks :
                  • Enable / Disable / Toggle WIFI
                  • Enable / Disable / Toggle WIFI Hotspot
                  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Bluetooth
                  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Mobile data
                  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Airplane (root)
                  • Configuring sound profile : Mute / Vibrate / Normal
                  • Set brightness mode and brightness level
                  • Set auto-rotate
                  • Set volume for ringtones and notifications
                  • Set volume for media
                  • Set volume for alarms
                  • Set alarm
                  • Set timer
                  • Launch a app
                  • Launch URL / URI
                  • Launch Tasker task
                  • TTS (text to speech)
                  • Configure a WIFI network
                  • And more !
                  You can write a lot of information on your tag.
                  Other operations is available, such as copying or erasing of NFC tag.

                  NFC Tools has been tested with following NFC tags :
                  • NTAG 203, 210, 212, 213, 215, 216
                  • Topaz 512 (BCM512)
                  • Ultralight, Ultralight C
                  • MIFARE Classic 1k, 4k
                  • FeliCa


                  GBWhatsApp APK v5.20


                  • Support Calls
                  • The possibility of hiding to appear
                  • Privacy options
                  • The ability to send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
                  • The possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10
                  • Possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols
                  • Counter statistics for groups
                  • View the media without Download
                  • Possibility to hide the name and the date when two or more copies
                  • Ability to copy case
                  • The possibility of changing the program icon and notifications
                  • And many more …. :)
                  What’s New In v5.20 ?
                  • Update to version 2.16.392
                  • (Exclusively) the possibility of knowledge of the talks, which you activate the privacy or you activate allocated to any conversation notices (click Options and then allocated) talks
                  • (Exclusive) Add 5.2 option to send pictures in high resolution
                  • The ability to search for and send Animations
                  • Activate the new interface, which includes section Alwatsab (case)
                  • Add option number 6.8 to go back to the old interface talks
                  • Add options 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 to change the color of the alert became connected or visited your profile
                  • Other reforms

                  Maki Pro for Facebook APK v1.2.4


                  Maki Pro for Facebook

                  You need light Facebook app (only 13 Mb) that works fast and stable with awesome functionality, including quick access to Facebook anywhere, colorful themes and power saving mode. Maki does this. And even more. Share emotions with friends and get notifications from them with Maki – the best Facebook wrapper app.

                  • NO FACEBOOK ADS!
                  • Hide Facebook ads from newsfeed and get better experience while using Maki.
                  • 55 COLORFUL THEMES
                  • Unlock all 55 amazing themes with Maki Pro.
                  • NEW LAYOUT STYLES
                  • Including iOS & Dark Styles with 5 and 6 elements.
                  • QUICK ACCESS
                  • Use Facebook everywhere in any app with QuickBar to check new messages and notifications.
                  • POWER SAVING
                  • Save your traffic and battery usage with Power Saving Mode which allows Maki work faster and longer
                  • SECURITY
                  • Passcode with fingerprint support will help you to keep your data in a secret.
                  • BOOKMARKS
                  • Save favorite pages in bookmarks and get access to them quickly.
                  • SMALL AND SMART
                  • Maki Pro requires only 13 Mb of your storage with all this incredible functionality.
                  WHAT’S NEW
                  • QuickBar for Twitter, now you can check your Twitter timeline and post tweets from any app;
                  • notification badges for the Bottom Navigation about new messages, notifications, and other updates;
                  • play GIFs in Maki photo viewer (you can disable it in settings);
                  • new themes: Google Play & Google Play Dark (only in Maki Pro);
                  • updated licenses;
                  • bug fixes and minor improvements.
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