Memory Booster (Full Version) APK v7.0.9

Memory Booster (Full Version)
  • Memory Booster aims at enhancing system speed by resolving memory issues on Android devices with
  • Real-time RAM usage
  • Task Killer
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Garbage Collector
  • Auto Boost (in pro version)
  • Whitelist/Ignore list
  • System info
Supported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Slovak, Albanian

Memory level status and memory usage graph
  • Free memory level is the main factor that affects how fast system runs. Memory Booster shows you real-time
  • free memory level, and provides a live chart to demonstrate how memory changes
One-tap Quick Boost
  • Quick Boost recovers memory by killing running tasks, cleaning cache and system garbage. It rescues your
  • phone from running slow and behaving abnormal in no time
Customizable Auto Boost Features
  • To make memory boosting easier, Auto Boost can be set at different boost levels (General, Optimum and
  • Ultimate boost) with multiple boost strategies: auto boost at regular interval, or when memory drops down to a
  • certain level or when device is locked
Whitelist Manager/Ignore List
  • Whitelist Manager protects fatal system processes from being killed. And it allows you to add favorite apps or remove unnecessary apps from the list
Task Killer ROOT beta embedded
  • Task Killer shows all the running apps except those whitelisted, with detailed memory and CPU usage
  • information of each running app. By (long) pressing the app name you will get more details and more options
  • to deal with the app. Root killing is embedded in Task killer; so if your device is rooted, you can try root killing
  • by pressing app name and select “Force Stop
Homescreen widgets, shortcuts and status bar icon optional
  • Homescreen widgets, shortcuts and status bar icon provide memory info and boosting options outside the
  • main app. With these, monitoring and handling memory issue becomes easy and handy.
Features only available in Full version

Boost Level Manager
  • Boost Level Manager offers three different memory boosting levels (general, optimum, and ultimate), so you can choose upon your personal memory needs
Auto Boost Interval
  • Auto Boost Interval offers time interval options by which Memory Booster will follow and boost memory at the chosen interval.
Auto Boost Threshold
  • Auto Boost Threshold allows you to set a minimum free memory level, at which Memory Booster starts boosting memory till free memory exceeds this level.
Auto Boost on Device Lock
  • Device Lock Boost recovers memory when screen goes off




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