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Latest Apps and Games

BBM Mod Mi - Green Ocean V1


Fitur :
  • Block Read
  • Main Tab Setting
  • Full DP
  • Hide Ads
  • Auto Text
Modder :
  • Hammi

CAD Touch Pro APK v5.0.9


cadTouch is a PRO CAD solution that completely reinvents on-site drawing, giving to professionals in various core fields like architecture, engineering, real estate, home design, and more, the power to measure, draw and view their work on-site.

This is the full version of cadTouch 5, a professional CAD 2D editor and 2D/3D viewer at your fingertips. 

cadTouch is really easy to use and it's fast multitouch interface will give you the precision and flexibility that pen and paper fail to archive, finally you will have the perfect on-the-go companion for desktop software like AutoCAD™, SketchUp™ or Solidworks™ and every other DWG/DXF compatible app.

Get cadTouch 50% off it's US$20 price!

cadTouch requires no internet connection and no subscription.

cadTouch supports every DWG (up to AutoCAD™ 2013) entities for viewing and editing as it uses industry-proof input/output DWG importers, and you can draw new lines, polylines, rectangles, circles, arcs, points (also by xyz coords), hatches, texts, smart/angular dimensions, sketches, revision clouds, raster image, ruler, move, rotate, scale, trim, delete, mirror, offset, group, explode, grips, OSNAP, line/patterns type, alignments guides, objects library, preloaded library with 20+ blocks, customizable library, info tool to query length/perimeter/area, layers, black or white background and many more features.

cadTouch is a DWG/DXF drawings editor and viewer, you can open, share and save your work in DWG, PDF and PNG (Pro version only). 

A screen size of at least 4.0" is recommended (stylus is not necessary, but is well supported by cadTouch).
Please remember to close other apps before running cadTouch (to free RAM).


Draw Cartoons 2 APK v2.9


  • Skeletal animation - characters are moved like dolls
  • Every frame smoothly transforms to the next one
  • Numerous built-in models 
  • Exporting animations as video and sharing 
  • Sound recording
  • Items editor - a constructor for making your own character using drawing tools or importing existing drawings. How to draw a character? Just make a skeleton and paint each of its bone. 


LayerPaint HD APK v1.7.12

Function :
  • Pen Pressure Support (Enable from settings)
  • Open/Save (MDP Format / It opens by FireAlpaca/MediBang Paint)
  • PSD Import/Export
  • Foreground color brush, Transparent color brush
  • Add Palette, Remove Palette
  • Add Layer, Remove Layer, Clipping Layer, Lock Alpha
  • Layer Mode (Normal, Add/Emit, Multiply, Overlay, Screen, Lighten, Darken, Difference, Dodge, Burn)
  • Watercolor Edge Effect (Layer Effect)
  • Selection Tool (Rectangle, Lasso, Free Transform, Mesh Transform)
  • Bucket Tool (Auto Expand (0, 1, 2 pixel), Enable/Disable AntiAliasing)
  • Filter (Hue, Gaussian Blur, Mosaic, Monochrome, Extracting Lines)
  • Navigator (Check Settings)
  • Eraser, Move Tool, Fill Rectangle, Gradient
  • Keyboard Shortcut (Customization Not Supported)
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z. Redo: Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z. Brush Tool: B. Eraser Tool: E. Init Color: D. Exchange Fore/BG Color: X. Flip View: Down.


Last Talk AK v1.2


You received a mysterious message 
It was from a girl who had joined for a clinical trial  and asking for a help

Texting with you is the only way for her to communicate with outside world
Help her to escape by every choice

Significant features
  • Destroy cliche
  • Real Time
  • Easy selection
  • Multiple endings
  • More than 15 different endings are waiting for you.

Runt of the Litter APK v1.0.1


25% off until Mar 2!

Steal and raise a baby war gryphon! Will you fight dragons together to save the empire, or defy the empire and lead your people to freedom?

"Runt of the Litter" is a 150,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Kelly Sandoval, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

The gryphon keepers hold all the power in the Empire of Vaengrea. They make the laws, patrol the borders, and only give gryphon eggs to their chosen heirs. As a poor stable hand, a "thrall," you know you'll never have a chance to prove yourself.

But then, you find the egg. Small, neglected, nudged out of the nest by a disapproving mother. But you can feel warmth growing inside.

Now your gryphon is in terrible danger, both from the other gryphon keepers and from a deadly plague that's wiping out the Empire's gryphons. Can you keep your gryphon safe? Where will you hide your new hatchling? Are you skilled enough to hunt its food or clever enough to steal it? Which of the gryphon keepers can you trust? How will you shape the young gryphon's mind?

Wyrm riders invade from the north on their fire-breathing dragons, the natural enemy of the gryphons. Will you and your gryphon fight in the war, seizing your place among the elite? Or will you defy the empire and lead your fellow thralls to revolution?

Can you keep a runt gryphon safe with the whole world against you? The life of your gryphon, and the fate of an empire, is in your hands.
  • Play as any gender and as gay, straight, or asexual
  • Choose from a variety of unusual gryphon breeds
  • Raise your gryphon with a gentle hand or demand obedience
  • Find romance among your fellow thralls or steal the heart of a gryphon keeper
  • Rise to the rank of gryphon keeper or lead your fellow thralls to freedom
  • Battle fire-breathing wyrms to protect your empire
  • Find a cure for the devastating gryphon plague

Tutorial Mudah pasang TWRP Xiaomi Redmi 4/4a/4 Prime


NOTE !!! Sebelum melakukan instalasi TWRP, pastikan Redmi 4 agan sudah posisi UBL

Bahan - Bahan
  • PC / Laptop
  • Kabel Data Ori
  • Driver Snapdragon - Download
  • Mi PC Suite - Download

Langkah - Langkah Eksekusi :
  • Aktifkan "USB Debug" - Pengaturan / Tentang Ponsel / lalu klik 7x versi MIUI [sampai muncul opsi pengembang], pengaturan tambahan / pilih opsi pengembang / aktifkan "Buka Kunci OEM" / Aktifkan "USB debugging"
  • Install semua file yang telah di download yaitu "MI PC Suite", " Driver Snapdragon", setelah itu restart PC / Laptop
  • Ekstart terlebih dahulu file "TWRP" yang telah di download tadi
  • Matikan ponsel sobat lalu masuk di mode "Fastboot" dengan cara menekan "Tombol Vol bawah + Tombol Power" secara bersamaan hingga muncul Gambar MI Bunny
  • Colokkan HH agan ke PC/Laptop, tunggu proses installasi driver sampai sukses
  • Jika sudah terinstal silahkan buka folder TWRP tadi, lalu klik kanan "run admin" file yang bertuliskan "Instal twrp redmi..."
  • Lalu akan terbuka CMD dan silahkan ikuti tutor yang ada pada CMD dengan menekan sembarang tombol
  • Apabila cara diatas sulit silahkan simak video dibawah ini


BBM Candy Light v3.3.0.16


Fitur :
  • Full DP
  • Blockread
  • Auto text
  • Maintab option
Modder :
  • Andry Gibh Q


BBM iMessenger Lite v1.1.0


Fitur :
  • Change Color Scheme (20 Colors Available)
  • ON/OFF Blockread Status
  • ON/OFF Full Display Picture
  • Hide/Show Ads Content
  • Hide/Show FAB
  • Top/Bottom Tab
  • ON/OFF Lock Mode (Add New)
  • Autotext
Modder :
  • Nami Abdi Fahmy

BBM Black v3.3.0.16


Whats New?
  • Contact Grid Only
  • Black Settings
  • Change any colour , icon , notification
Fitur :
  • Full DP
  • Blockread
  • Auto text
  • Maintab option


BBM Twitter v3.3.0.16


Fitur :
  • Full Dp.
  • BlockRead.
  • MainTab Setting.
  • On/OFF FAB.
  • ADS Remove.
  • Etc..
Modder :
  • Richie Evan

BBM Mi-Teal v3.3.0.16


Whats New?
  • On/Off Big DP on Drawer
  • New Profile UI
  • New Drawer UI
  • Change Avatar Style (untuk menu Umpan juga bisa di ganti Style Avatarnya, tersedia GrayScale Mode)
  • Change List & Grid Animation
  • Running PM
  • New Ticks Icon
Fitur Lainnya :
  • New Lock Mode
  • Change Bubble Style
  • Top/Bottom MainTab
  • Save Time Picture
  • Hide/Show Floating Action Button
  • Hide/Show Notification
  • Block Read Status
  • Dual Mode Profile
  • On/Off Full Display Picture
  • Autotext a.k.a Bom PING!!!
  • No Ads
  • And many more..

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